We present to you: our monthly planner


Our in house design team have created a monthly planner that has some exciting extra features. Not only is there a monthly calendar, we also added a to-do list, a notes section and a financial balance bar! Just above the to-do list is a sad sad, really sad “smiley”. As we know that having things to do can be a drag! We could say: “Don’t be sad.” But ins

tead we say: “It is just fine to be a sad biscuit sometimes, embrace it!” Check of that sad list one by one and achieve your monthly goals in a most efficient way. Underneath there is enough space in the notes section to write down all your frustrations! Finally on the bottom we left a bar for your expenses and, more importantly, all your income (get that money!). Keep your finances in check so you can save up for that amazing holiday or a couple extra pizzas (hey we get it, sometimes pizza is top priority!).

Now the specs: This monthly planner was riso printed in house (obviously) on 100% recycled paper! using ink in the color teal. With a cardboard backing for extra support.

Get yours here.


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